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Probably the only positive, to come out of the Covid crisis is how it has advanced our technology adoption, by at least 3-to 5 years. One of the effects of this was that life was made a lot easier by having a smartphone to get by during those lockdowns. The re-emergence of the QR Code, Apps for everything, and zoom calls became the norm.

During that period IT Associates & Apps4Wales Ltd formed a business partnership to bring affordable Apps to businesses.

We could see that with our award-winning App Development Platform, and our knowledge and experience in the technology sector, we could bring a new type of app to help in the digital transformation of our towns.

That’s where our “Community Town App” idea was born!

Bringing an App for all in the community to use which provides useful resources to everyone. Did we mention it’s Bilingual too?

Steve Huggett



For a resident the list of useful information available through a simple user interface is almost endless – from things as simple as – “what colour bin-bags are we putting out tonight” to – a map showing where all the post-boxes are in the town and surrounding villages, together with the collection times. There are many, many others.  We call this

“Everything in its place and a place for Everything”

Local Services

List of all those local services we need on a day-to-day basis.

We want to reduce the need for all that Google searching and make it easy to find what we need.

Local Directories

Listing of local government departments, medical centres and pharmacies, schools and other educational establishments. the list can be endless

Whats On

Always up to date with what’s going on in your town.

With all the venues being able to list their event for free we hope it becomes the most widely used feature of the App

” It’s Events Calendar For The Town”

In this new digital era where we all have smartphones. It’s so important that we bring out those needed connections on our devices because they are always with us. We don’t leave home without them!

Steve Huggett


Local Businesses

For The Business Community takes pride in its dedication to local businesses. We firmly believe that the heart of any community is its local commerce. It’s about the corner bakery, the family-run bookstore, the neighbourhood café, and the artisan workshop. Our app is designed to celebrate and empower these local heroes.


Curated Community Engagement:

By exclusively allowing local businesses into the app, we curate a unique community experience. The businesses featured here are not just faceless entities; they are your neighbors, friends, and family members. When you engage with the app, you’re engaging with a community of real people who are passionate about what they do.


Local Business Empowerment:

This exclusivity is more than just a policy; it’s a commitment to the local business ecosystem. When businesses sign up for, they become part of a supportive network that aims to bolster and elevate the local economy. It’s about helping local businesses succeed and thrive.


No Outside Competition:

With, local businesses don’t have to face competition from larger national or global companies. This exclusive platform ensures that your local businesses have the spotlight all to themselves. It’s a place where they can shine and engage with their local customers without the encroachment of major corporations.

Personalized Interactions:

Local businesses are more than just providers of goods and services. They are integral to the community’s social fabric. They remember your name, your favourite dish, and the last book you bought. By being exclusive to local businesses, the app enhances personalized interactions. Businesses can know their customers better and offer tailored experiences.

Community-First Approach:’s commitment to local businesses is not just a policy; it’s a philosophy. It’s about putting the community first. It’s about preserving the charm and character of your town. It’s about ensuring that the local flavor, whether it’s in the form of a Mum and Dad shop or a quirky bookstore, remains a vibrant part of your daily life.

Support for Local Economy:

Local businesses are more than economic entities; they are essential contributors to the town’s prosperity. When we exclusively feature local businesses in the app, we bolster the local economy by encouraging residents to shop locally. This support reverberates through the community, creating jobs and enriching the town’s economic landscape.

We have a saying “A place for everything &  Everything in its place”

Bob Gwyn


Visitors & Tourism

The Where & When

When we visit a place for the first time we like the whole discovery bit, but as a parent, maybe it will be – “where can I park, charge my electric car, find somewhere to eat , public facilities and a park to let the kids play etc.” Once that’s sorted, you are free to delve into the history of the place and seek out its hidden gems. By the visitor downloading the App they would have simple access to that information. “Plan and Book before arriving,” see what events are happening, find somewhere to stay and book a table for dinner.


When they leave, your visitors will still have the App so they are still connected to your town. They will still receive messages direct to their phone reminding them of events such as Festivals, what’s on in the town this week, maybe some live music in the pubs, or a concert in the Church – All subtle hints to return!

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