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Our Local Offers feature is designed to provide local people with a range of Special Offers available from local businesses. We will develop this even further as the App grows with more and more Local promotions to encourage people to shop local! 

Please remember this is not for exclusive use by our Retail sector – ANY business or Community organisation can have a special offer, but you must be listed in the App – time to get creative!


Please fill in the form below. All boxes with a RED * ASTERISK (STAR)  means they have to be filled in, everything else is up to you. Please bear in mind the more information you give to your potential customers the better.


1MB Image Size limit

Before you fill in the form please check to make sure the image size doesn’t exceed 1MB. If it does please use the link to TingJPG to compress the file.

Any problems use the contact form on the home page.



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For our use only
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Displayed on your listing
Displayed on your listing
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